For a lot of people, including myself, weightloss is a constant struggle. Advertisers and businesses always say that losing weight is easy but it never is.

The road to fitness and wellness takes a lot of dedication, motivation, inspiration, perspiration, persistence, discipline, calorie counting, exercising, splits and tamblings (cart wheel in English).

Just kidding about the splits and tamblings (though, I think it can help).

Apart from exercise and proper nourishment, another important aspect of weightloss is portion control. I found this literally handy infographic from Guard Your Health for it illustrates to us how to use our hands as a guide on how much we should have per serving for certain foods specifically butter, pasta, meat, and ice cream.

So it seems to me that if you have big hands, you can have more food servings. Kidding again!

Hand Guide to Portion Control

According to the text version of the infographic:

- To avoid excessive calorie intake, limit pasta servings to half a cup. Half a cup is roughly equivalent to the front of your clenched fist.
- The recommended serving size for meat is three ounces, which is roughly the size of your palm.
- Your fingertip is about the size of a teaspoon, or the amount of butter your toast requires.
- Your thumb, from knuckle to tip, is about the size of a tablespoon. Double it for a single serving of peanut butter.
- A clenched fist is roughly the size of one cup, or a double serving of ice cream.

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