SLS Oborowsky of Author's Thought has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Yay! This is actually the first time that my blog has been nominated for anything so it is a great pleasure for me to participate. Please find my answer's below. :)

About The The Liebster Blog Award

The word "liebster" is a German term for "dearest" or "beloved". It is said that the Liebster Blog Award started in Germany and is used to highlight smaller, lesser known bloggers. Blogs that have less than 300 followers although talented and has been blogging for a while.

The Liebster is not an actual award wherein you get a plaque or a trophy but an award you accept with the intention of paying it forward (think chain letters without the threats). When accepting, you choose 3-5 other blogs you feel are deserving of more subscribers and pass the award on to them. You are not obligated to accept the award or to even pay it forward. This is just a way to get the word out about new blogs your followers may not know of.

Very little is known about the Liebster Award but the oldest blog post about this dates back to a post made on December 2010 by a German blogspot user. Props to Sopphey Vance of Sopphey Says for sharing this information.

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The Rules for The Liebster Blog Award

Originally, you only need to nominate 3 to 5 beginner blogs. However, several variations of the award has been made and some rules were added which I believe were made in order to make it more fun and interactive. The rules from the post I was tagged in are found below.

- List eleven random facts about yourself.
- Nominate eleven other bloggers for the Liebster Award.
- Notify these bloggers.
- Ask eleven questions that the bloggers must answer upon accepting the Liebster Award.
- Answer the eleven questions that you were asked when you were nominated.

I'm definitely continuing this chain since this blog can certainly use more content. *winks*

Eleven Random Facts About Me

1. I believe all colors are pretty so I don't have a favorite. However, I must admit that I am easily attracted to pastels.
2. I'm interested on all things Japanese - anime, food, fashion, culture, etc.
3. I collect toys.
4. Chocolate cake + warm cup of green tea = WIN!
5. I love arts and crafts.
6. I survived cancer!
7. Barbie movies and ice cream can turn a completely gloomy day to a better one.
8. My personal mantra is, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
9. I secretly desire to hoard on coloring and art materials.
10. Spending an entire day on the mall window shopping is my favorite form of exercise.
11. Sometimes I sleep very late because of listening to good music.

My Answers

1. What is your favorite animal and why?
Panda. Although I haven't seen one in real life, I find them too cute.

2. If you had a choice to live anywhere in the world, what place would you choose?
Japan. I don't mind the earthquakes every now and then. I have always been in love with their bizzare yet colorful culture.

3. What is your favorite food?
This is so hard. I guess ice cream. I can eat it everyday.

4. What is your most memorable moment?
That time in my childhood years when my mom and I was walking and she gently wrapped her arm around my shoulder.

5. Do you have a hobby?
Yes. Blogging, crafting and toy photography to name a few.

6. Do you have a favorite childhood nursery rhyme?
Row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream... XD

7. What type of music do you enjoy most?
I appreciate all genre of music from pop to metal. I think it will depend on my current mood.

8. Are you a country bumpkin or a city slicker?
I lived in the province since the day I was born but my heart belongs to the city.

9. If you could rewrite a chapter in your life would you?
No. We are bound to make mistakes. Rewriting our past does not guarantee a perfect life.

10. Do you have a fear of anything?
I have acrophobia.

11. Do you have a favorite place you go for a latte, coffee or tea?
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!

My Nominees

Drum rolls please...

Myla of Find Me A Break
Jean of jeanbeltran.info
Sarah of Pigtails and Pencils
Jonathan of JWINNING 
Roxanne of iTravelRox
Devi of The Cupcake Philosophy
Taylor of Jones Soda
BJ of Three Blank Pages
Maxx of The Broke Pinay
Joanne of Rainbow Dreeams

My Questions

1. If you can give yourself a new name, what would it be and why?
2. What is the first thing you do when you are feeling sad?
3. Who is your childhood hero?
4. Metal or pop music?
5. Vampire or werewolf?
6. What was the last book you've read?
7. What will you first buy if you won the lottery?
8. Math or Science?
9. If you were a food, what would you be?
10. What is the best thing to do when it rains?
11. What is the reason behind your blog's name?

I cannot wait to hear from you and read your answers. I hope you all take part in this fun activity.


  1. Amy says:

    Congrats and cheers.

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